Eliza Ramirez

8th Grade Reading, Writing, and Social Studies, Zapata Academy, Chicago, IL

Eliza Ramirez teaches 8th grade reading workshop, writing workshops, and social studies classes at CPS’s Zapata Academy where she focuses on developing units to invest Latino students in their reading and writing so they may find their voice, passion, and place in the world. 

Eliza is also a member of her school’s Instructional Leadership Team, participates in Boundless Readers study group and book club, and co-leads a Teacher Writing Group. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program and is excited to be a Clinical Instructor this year (she hopes to use what she learned hosting a student teacher from ISU to do the important work of preparing future teachers for schools of need). Last year, Eliza completed the Chicago Foundation for Education’s Action Research Leadership Institute fellowship and shared her work in this year’s CFE Workshop as well as Golden Apple’s Teachers for Tomorrow Conference. Eliza also continues to be involved with the Golden Apple Foundation after her 2011 Award, through their Selection Committee. Although Eliza just finished her Teach Plus teaching policy fellowship this December, she will continue to find ways to reflect, develop her teacher voice, and share her practice.