Jonnia Jackson

Early Childhood, God’s Little Workshop, Chicago, IL

Jonnia Jackson is director and founder of God’s Little Workshop childcare center located in Chicago. In addition, she has designed a developmental curriculum that bridges the Montessori, Constructivist, and Traditional theoretical approaches to learning for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Prior to this, she was the Lead Head Start teacher at National Teachers Academy and an adjunct instructor for the alternative education teaching program at University of Illinois. Jonnia also serves as the Parent Liaison and a leader of the ACOG youth drama program. Her most recent project was lead writer for the third independent short film aimed at empowering African American young girls and giving them an opportunity to see themselves represented successfully and intelligently. As a 2008 Kohl McCormick nominee, Jonnia is embarking on new endeavors to make some groundbreaking changes in Early Childhood in 2015 and beyond.