Melissa Morrissey

Special Education, Four Rivers Special Education District, Jacksonville, IL

Melissa Morrissey is an Illinois Teacher of the Year Finalist.  She recently accepted a position as a special education program supervisor at Four Rivers Special Education District in Jacksonville, IL.  Four Rivers is the third largest special education district in the state of Illinois, serving nineteen school districts in an approximately 3200 square mile area.  Melissa supervises several districts and coordinates in-services for the cooperative.  She also teaches Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and provides other professional development.

Besides serving on the Educator Advisory Council of Advance Illinois, Melissa is also a member of the Illinois Educator Leadership Cadre of PARCC, where she was recently chose to complete a mini-communications bootcamp and was filmed for an upcoming video on teacher voice.  Melissa is a member of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education, and the Illinois and National State Teacher of the Year organizations.

Recently Melissa wrote two op-ed pieces appearing in the Jacksonville Journal-Courier and the State Journal-Register, as well as an article for the “Core Connection” newsletter and a guest blog for Laying the Foundation.