Effective Educators

When it comes right down to it, the most critical support we can give our students, the most powerful resources we can provide, are highly effective teachers and principals. Why? Because the best curriculum will not sing in the hands of a dispirited teacher; the best compensation packages cannot entice faculty to stay in a school that is chaotic and poorly-led; and no amount of well-intentioned legislation and regulation will ever substitute for sound judgment applied by well-trained and motivated professionals at the local level.


Develop Meaningful Teacher Evaluations and Make Them Count

  • Base teacher evaluation on performance, including the ability to promote student achievement
  • Link professional milestones to job performance

Make Teacher Preparation Count

  • Link accreditation of teacher training programs to the performance of graduates
  • Evaluate current training programs

Ensure Effective Teachers Reach Disadvantaged Students and Areas

  • Support efforts to recruit effective teachers to high-need areas
  • Prohibit use of seniority in schools on the Academic Watch List

Support Districts to Use Compensation More Strategically

  • Provide matching funds to districts willing to redeploy funds around strategic needs

Invest in Effective Principals and Empower them to Lead

  • Define what it means to be an effective principal, and require more rigorous evaluation
  • Revamp principal preparation and entry requirements
  • Base certification on demonstrated effectiveness in the field