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Funding Expectations 

Funding Expectations report front cover. Click to download the report.Download the PDF report. 

Download Advance Illinois's presentation to Illinois State Board of Education, April 2013.

Challenging Times for Illinois Public Schools

Illinois advanced landmark reforms in recent years to improve instruction for the 2 million students in public schools. Yet the drain of state resources threatens to derail progress, hamstring academic opportunities and unravel the basic education needed to prepare Illinois students for today’s world. 

Illinois confronts a financial crisis that threatens its very solvency. How Illinoisans – whether policymakers or parents, teachers or taxpayers – respond will shape the next generation of students. 

The state’s financial constraints and resulting budget cuts have pushed school districts to the brink. Two-thirds of school districts now are deficit-spending.1 Districts have dismissed at least 6,400 educators and aides.2 Others have shuttered schools, lengthened bus routes and curtailed classes in everything from art to foreign language.3 

The financial strain is worse in disadvantaged districts with little local wealth and large concentrations of low-income students. Nearly half of Illinois students are economically disadvantaged,4 and for the first time, more than half of schools serve 40 percent or more low-income students.5 Such schools and districts – and the vulnerable students they serve – felt the sting of state budget cuts during recent years, cuts that deepened inequities between school districts. 

We must do better. 

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