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Our Mission

Advance Illinois will be an independent, objective voice to promote a public education system in Illinois that prepares all students to be ready for work, college, and democratic citizenship.

By listening to Illinois residents and distilling the best research, we have developed a framework of education policy priorities that, when implemented, will help provide a world-class education to all Illinois youth. Throughout our deliberations, we have been guided by these core principles:

  • Improvement begins with clear and high expectations for each student and school.
  • Student success is dependent on the well-being of the student and a broad range of educational experiences.
  • Students from at-risk communities need increased high-quality support for learning.
  • Students and families should have choices in how to meet their educational needs.
  • Collaboration between effective teachers and principals is at the core of successful schools.
  • Quality schools require adequate resources and the ability to use them wisely and effectively to promote student achievement.
  • Schools can act as a central focus for community, business, and  other support services for students and families.
  • Results matter. We must focus on outcomes and employ quality data to analyze what works and what does not and adjust practice accordingly.
  • An education system that gives students real skills that are linked to real-world opportunities anchors a state’s civic and economic well-being.