Selected Reports from Advance Illinois

Advance Illinois is continually involved with important issues in education reform.

  1. Learn about Illinois' shift to new standards and assessments in a 2014 report called Making Assessments Work.
  2. Funding Expectations, released in April 2013 details the state of education funding in Illinois and outlines alternatives to proration.
  3. The State We're In, a biennial report initially released in 2008, is the first full assessment of Illinois' educational performance from birth through higher education. The State We're In: 2012 provides a look at where Illinois stands today on the steps to readiness, and where we need to go. 
  4. Our SIG Progress Report examines the reforms unfolding in 10 Illinois schools that have received federal School Improvement Grants.
  5. Our Making Teacher Evaluations Meaningful presentation provides an overview of our April 2012 conversation about Illinois’ emerging teacher evaluation systems with Charlotte Danielson and Sara Ray Stoelinga.
  6. We have recently helped construct Illinois' first report for creating a statewide, research-based kindergarten assessment process - the Illinois Kindergarten Individual Development Survey.