Commentary: CPS Success? Yes.

Posted on October 05, 2015

Chicago Tribune – October 2, 2015: As a new school year gets into full swing, the media coverage of Chicago Public Schools continues to paint a bleak portrait: $500 million budget deficit, crushing pension obligations, superintendent resignation amid a federal probe, hunger strike over school closure and the threat of a teacher strike and layoffs.

There’s no refuting these demoralizing facts are a reality. But the storyline of Chicago Public Schools as a system in shambles misses a story of notable student progress and the undercurrent of hope that courses through our schools.

Amid the frequently facile national caricature of Chicago as homicide central, political corruption run amok and terrible schools, there is a nuanced tale of educational momentum. The fact that this storyline gets drowned out by the intense fascination with failure does a disservice to students, teachers and the national conversation about school improvement.

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