Statement: We urge the Governor to sign SB1 and end an era of inequitable school funding

Posted on July 07, 2017

CHICAGO (July 7, 2017) — For years, Advance Illinois has been part of a coalition advocating for a fix to the state’s broken funding formula, which provides only 81 cents for low-income students for every dollar spent on wealthier students. The state can no longer afford to have the quality of a student’s education determined by zip code. SB1 passed the General Assembly May 31 and fixes this formula. Yesterday, the General Assembly ensured that a budget will be in place for this school year. But SB1 is the only school funding formula that can give school districts immediate and much needed certainty. We urge the Governor to sign SB1 and end the era of inequitable funding of our schools.

Statement attributable to John Edwardson and Marin Gjaja, Co-Chairs, Advance Illinois

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