Advance Illinois Statement on the New Illinois Educator Preparation Profile System

Posted on December 08, 2020

Advance Illinois Communications

CHICAGO, IL – Starting in 2015, ISBE leadership brought together a diverse set of stakeholders to create a tool that would, for the first time, shed light on the workings and impact of Illinois’ teacher and principal preparation programs. While much is known about the outcomes of our PK-12 system and is publicly available online, there has not been a central source for information about the diversity, systems and outcomes of our state’s teacher and principal preparation programs. After years of hard work, this week ISBE launched the Illinois Educator Preparation Profile (IEPP) interactive tool. This new interactive tool provides a comprehensive window into all approved educator preparation programs across Illinois. Better still, it presents a range of relevant data in a user-friendly format.    

Having helped shepherd the planning along the way, Advance Illinois is delighted that the new profiles are now available to students, policymakers and leaders of preparation programs alike. With more than 50 Illinois colleges and universities offering more than 700 teacher preparation programs, IEPP will serve as a significant tool in recognizing and supporting programs that produce the diverse and learner-ready teachers that our students deserve. It will also permit policymakers to better understand areas of strength and growth, as we work as a state to make deeper and smarter investments in our educator pipeline. We congratulate ISBE and the many educators, principals, teachers, higher education leaders and others who put in years of work to launch the Profile, and ultimately, make it a success. Used wisely, the IEPP is an additional tool to build an educator pipeline in Illinois that continuously improves to become stronger, more diverse and equitable for all.

At Advance Illinois, we would like to extend our gratitude to parents, educators and workers on the front-lines as they have gone above and beyond to serve their students and their communities. Together, we will work to help ensure a successful future for each student.  


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