Advance Illinois Applauds Governor Pritzker’s Support of Appropriating $350 Million for the Evidence-Based Funding Formula for FY22

Posted on May 06, 2021

Advance Illinois Communications

CHICAGO, IL – Based on improved revenue projections and state finances, Governor Pritzker today announced that he supports appropriating $350 million in general revenue funds for the Evidence-Based Funding formula for FY22. We applaud his proposal, as putting $350 million of state dollars into the school formula will allow districts to make the long-term investments necessary to create strong, sustainable educational programs. We thank the governor for his efforts to keep the state’s commitment to Illinois’ students. 

Over half of Illinois students are being educated in districts with less than 70 percent of full funding. There is a clear equity imperative to resume and continue state funding for EBF – students from low-income households and Black and Latinx students are disproportionately concentrated in districts that are the furthest from full funding. 

Unlike short-term federal funds, appropriating state dollars for EBF will support the deeper ongoing staffing and programmatic investments that are needed to drive student success into the future. Fully funding EBF allows schools to use relief dollars as intended: to safely reopen schools for in-person learning and support students socially, emotionally and academically as they recover from the many ways in which COVID-19 has disrupted their development and learning. 

We appreciate the governor’s leadership and that of legislators who have steadfastly championed the importance and urgency around funding EBF with state dollars. Our children’s futures require dependable and growing investments, and they are counting on us to keep our promises now more than ever. We applaud this support and urge the General Assembly to keep up the momentum and approve a budget that fully funds EBF. Let’s give our students the education they deserve. 


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