Outreach Overview

Advance Illinois travels the state meeting with individuals and organizations interested in working together to prepare every student for college and career.

Our public schools are strengthened by deep connections between public, private, policymaking, and non-profit partners who unite to support holistic student success. As such, our statewide outreach work supports education systems within communities in Illinois.

Community Outreach

Advance Illinois works with community groups to facilitate discussions and events on pressing education issues designed to:

  • Gather crucial community input on schools from the local perspective.
  • Share data and reports in a way that is accessible and useful to  community members.
  • Ground our policy in community experience.
  • Engage local leaders in advocacy initiatives and campaigns.

We do this work by identifying and developing leaders at the local level and creating opportunities for partnerships between sectors and across regions.

Educator Outreach

Advance Illinois is committed to incorporating educator’s perspectives and feedback into our work.  Our Educator Advisory Council, comprising award-winning educators from across the state, gathers regularly to offer feedback, suggestions, and guidance on how policy initiatives translate to the classroom. In tandem with professional education organizations, we co-host an Educator Leadership Institute every year that is designed with and for educators. This event brings hundreds of educators together around major issues to share experiences, resources, and best practices as well as make implementation recommendations to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Legislator Outreach

Advance Illinois advocates at the local and state level for policies designed to promote a healthy education system for all our kids. As a nonpartisan organization, we work closely with all members of the Illinois General Assembly to keep them up to date on education issues and help them make informed research-based policy decisions. Our Springfield team tracks and analyzes each education bill that the legislature considers, always looking for ways to strengthen Illinois’ public school system. Every year, we host an Education Legislative Institute where past topics have included Teacher Preparation, the Illinois Learning Standards, School Funding, and Curriculum and Assessments where we have at least 200 policymakers in attendance. Our outreach team shares updates with community leaders throughout the state.