Funding Fundamentals

Education funding is a critical issue that needs to be addressed to properly support Illinois’ students. According to a recent report by the Education Trust, Illinois’ gap between what it spends on low-income students and their wealthier peers is the largest in the country. In addition, the gap between what Illinois spends on white students and students of color is dismal. It is the job of a state to prepare its children for their future – to enter college and the workforce ready to succeed so that they can become productive members of society. Illinois’ funding issues stem from two key problems: how we fund our schools and how much we fund our schools.

In the materials that follow, we highlight the problems with Illinois’ funding system, approaches to improving the system, and the implications of different solutions.


Understanding the Math of Funding Inequity: Addendum
This brief outlines the implications of proposed funding bills and adds an equity analysis of Fiscal Year 16 and SB 2047. Read overview here.

Understanding the Math of Funding Inequity
In this analysis, we compare funding proposals and how well they address components of an equitable funding system. Read overview here.

Analysis of the Governor’s FY17 Budget Proposal
Ending proration is an important step in addressing inequity in our current funding system but does not resolve the underlying problem. See why.

Funding Fundamentals: An Overview
A high-level discussion about the consequences of Illinois’ outdated funding formula with insight into what a better formula would look like in the state.

Funding Fundamentals: The Current Landscape

An in-depth background on Illinois’s current funding system and school funding formula with a detailed discussion of alternative funding models.

Funding Fundamentals: Chicago and the State
A detailed examination of the current funding system’s impact on Chicago Public Schools, which educate roughly one-fifth of the state’s students.

Funding Fundamentals: Senate Bill 1
A discussion the mechanics and impact of Senate Bill 1, a legislative proposal that would implement research-based weighted school funding formula.