Making Assessments Work (2015)

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The new Illinois Learning Standards make clear what students must know and be able to do at a time when college and career readiness matters more than ever.

But if we raise the bar for students, then we need better ways to answer the question that every parent asks: How is my child doing?

Illinois’ new state assessments are an opportunity to support teaching and learning. When assessments reflect the standards and emphasize higher-level knowledge and skills, they can give teachers and families key information about where their students stand and what is needed to improve.

In 2015, Advance Illinois published a series of briefs that add to our Making Assessments Work library. We released the initial Making Assessments Work report and companion video series in 2014 that outlines what good assessments look like and how, when done well, they can support instruction.

Reports and Fact Sheets:

Watch the companion video series featuring Illinois educators: