The State We’re In (2012)

The State We’re In: 2012 documented where Illinois stood in 2012 on the driving challenge before our state: to provide a public education that prepares all students for the opportunities and challenges of today’s world.

At a time when eight of every 10 Illinois jobs require more than a high school diploma, fewer than three-fourths of Illinois students who begin high school will graduate and fewer than one-third will go on to earn a two- or four-year degree.

Worse still, Illinois’ prospects for improvement are slim given that the state’s academic performance has remained flat for much of the past decade. Illinois students deserve better.

This biennial report card looks beyond test scores as the lone litmus test of Illinois’ educational health to examine academic improvement, achievement gaps and learning conditions within the state’s public schools. It analyzes how Illinois compares with other states across 55 data measures tracked for the current year, 2-, 5- and 10-years prior, and it details key initiatives that will unfold during the coming years as Illinois works to strengthen the public educational system.

The challenge ahead is clear. As a state, we have work to do.