Making Assessments Work for Teachers and Students


Illinois’ new state assessments are an opportunity to support teaching and learning. They can give teachers and families key information about where their students stand and what is needed to improve. Our Making Assessments Work library of materials covers a variety of assessments-related topics.

Educator Advisory Council Presenting 2015 Educator Leadership Institute

Advance Illinois’ Educator Advisory Council (EAC) is comprised of award-winning teachers from across the state, and provides insights and knowledge from the field that shapes Advance Illinois’ policy strategy and initiatives.  The EAC is presenting the 2015 Educator Leadership Institute / Illinois ECET2 on July 23 – 24, 2015.

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Funding IL’s Future Works To Improve School Funding

Over 200 organizations have joined Funding IL’s Future, a collaborative campaign committed to improving how Illinois supports its students and schools.Their efforts focus on the passage of the Illinois School Funding Reform Act (SB1).

SpringfieldFIF-May2015Advance Illinois’ Robin Steans (right) and Chicago Urban League’s Andrea Zopp testified at the May 14 Illinois State Board of Education meeting along with 35 superintendents to support equitable school funding.

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On the Road Again

Advance Illinois travels the state meeting with community members to share education news, learn how local schools are doing, and solicit input about how we can work together to improve education for all our kids.

Join the conversation! Learn more about upcoming meetings and events.

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New Learning Standards, New Assessments

In 2010, Illinois adopted new learning standards for math and English Language Arts. These standards are internationally benchmarked and designed to prepare students to be successful in college and career.

RL4RL-LogoWith new standards come new assessments. PARCC debuted in Illinois this spring.  Visit Real Learning for Real Life to keep up to date on news about the new standards and assessments.

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Pop Quiz!

Illinois has ________ school districts.

a. 278
b. 439
c.  862
d. 174

Illinois ranks third in the number of school districts we have, surpassed only by California and Texas (both of which are states with much larger populations)!

Answer: c. 862